10 Nail Looks That Show the Glazed Donut Trend Is Not Over

The Glazed Donut appearance is what launched the glazed nail fad. Hailey Bieber's 2022 Met Gala nail style, which featured a milky white polish with a chrome overlay, popularized the look, as shown above.    

Glazed Donut  

Adding a glazed finish to a French manicure is a terrific way to jazz up the timeless manicure. It reflects light, creating a stunning effect.   

French Glaze Glazed Nails   

Chrome powder mixed with this milky brown nail lacquer produces a delicious chocolate glazed donut effect.   

Chocolate Glazed Donut   

Rose's hot pink glazed appearance combines 3D gel and chrome powder to create a gorgeous iridescent effect. It also has a scorpion and a constellation as a subtle astrological reference.   

Iridescent Jelly Glazed Nails   

Pale pink can often be overly soft, but adding chrome powder on top lends a little of edge. In this look, the silvery chrome topper highlights some of the chilly tones in the pink polish beneath, producing an ice effect.   

Iced Pink   

This manicure starts with a milky pink translucent polish and finishes with a light champagne chrome powder. The combination creates a highly soft and basic appearance. 

Strawberry Milk   

Apply a silver chrome powder to a clear base for a bold yet simple manicure.   

Chrome on Clear Glazed Nails   

The use of chrome powder to this vibrant shade of orange brings this manicure to life. It produces a coppery hue that resembles the warm light of a fire.   

On Fire Glazed Nails   

Rose designed this delicate manicure using a faint pink varnish as the foundation for the chrome powder. One nail on each hand is a bright pink bow for a wonderfully adorable coquette appearance.   

Coquette Glazed Nails.   

Adding chrome to a cool-toned baby blue produces an ethereal look. Even though the nails are all the same color, they nevertheless seem fascinating.   

Fairy Winkle Glazed Nails  

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