12 Zodiac Jewelry Brands to Make Your Star Sign Shine

As the name implies, Baby Gold specializes in high-quality white, yellow, and rose gold jewelry. Baby Gold is strong on personalization, and the size of its zodiac jewelry selections reflects the brand's emphasis on really unique pieces.     

Baby Gold  

If you want to add zodiac charms to your existing jewelry collection, Pandora is your one-stop shopping destination. The jewelry behemoth's extensive assortment includes not just gold-plated and sterling silver charms    


No.13 Jewelry keeps its eyes and designs focused on the stars, and its zodiac necklaces, bracelets, and rings are inspired by the very source of astrology: the stars.    

No. 13 - JewelryNo  

Erin Fader Jewelry's zodiac line, like many of the manufacturers on our list, offers a choice of medallion or signet styles. Unlike other manufacturers, Erin Fader Jewelry offers an interesting edge to its signature styles   

Erin Fader Jewelry  

Milamore, a fine jewelry brand created in Japan, incorporates its clean, modern look into its zodiac jewelry collection. Milamore's zodiac charms and earrings   

Milamore Fine Jewelry    

Satya Jewelry, another starry-centric zodiac jewelry brand, goes beyond traditional zodiac medallions with its gold-plated and sterling silver zodiac necklaces that feature    

Satya Jewelry   

In addition to zodiac medallion pendants, Rellery's astrological bracelets and necklaces feature charms and personalization. You may wear your whole birth chart on your sleeve by adding several zodiac sign charms, as well as birthstones, letters, and a variety of other symbols.   


Monica Rich Kosann's zodiac jewelry collection features exquisite enamel: rich, vivid, and beautifully shiny. The brand's stylish astrological sign charms   

Monica Rich Kosann   

Looking for elegant zodiac jewelry at an affordable price? Alex and Ani have you covered. Its zodiac cuff and charm bracelets, as well as individual zodiac charms, look stunning when worn alone or layered.    

Alex and Ani   

Abbot Lyon's zodiac jewelry pieces are designed to layer, allowing you to represent your moon, sun, and rising signs all at once while maintaining a sleek and basic style. As an added benefit, its double zodiac sign necklace   

Abbott Lyon   

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