20 amazing optical illusions

We are powerless to control what our minds choose to focus on and ignore, whether it is birthdays or making sure you never forget an awkward incident from years ago. 

However, errors are made by the brain as well, which is how optical illusions work.  

Images or pictures that appear to be something other than reality are known as optical illusions. They are also known as visual perceptions for this reason.  

In addition to providing much-needed diversion from daily life, they are even acknowledged by medical experts as having contributed to our understanding of the functioning of the human brain. 

These 20 optical illusions will make you wonder just how strong your brain really is. 

This seemingly four-number image was shared by @purpzosaur, a TikTok user. However, in reality, there are ten!  

One irate viewer wrote, "I can only see 12346789," while another stated, "I see 12346780 and 00 (infinity)." 

Keep in mind that the number that most people find difficult to see is five, so it's important to keep your eye on the swinging monkey. 

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