3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love On Sunday, March 3, 2024

Oh, there's so much going on for us on Sunday, with an astrological lineup of transits that could blow your mind.

On March 3, Mercury will be opposite Lilith and the Moon will be sextile Venus, so we can be confident that all roads lead to love and harmony.  

And by peace, we mean the kind that comes after a lengthy, intense argument. You can't have Lilith's energy without some disruption, after all.

Three zodiac signs will experience the bliss that comes after a long fight and the relief of having it finished. The concept here is that love isn't flawless, and we know it.  

So, while these planets are in the sky, keeping an eye on us, three zodiac signs may rest assured that the love they feel is the kind that follows a war royale.  

Taurus, you are nothing if not interesting, which means that 'being boring' is not an option in your world, especially when it comes to relationships.

1. Taurus

Every now and again, you recall that life is for living, and that you, too, need to break out of your endless fantasy and get with the program.  

2. Gemini

What you have with your partner is quite unique. You can truly dig into the hidden zone you have with this person. Sunday allows the two of you to 'be you,'

3. Sagittarius

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