3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Adversity On March 3, 2024

We have our hands full during the Moon square Saturn sextile Mars transit, which begins on March 3, 2024. We're looking at how we handle

being told 'no' and how we learn to overcome hardship when we believe something is genuinely unjust here.  

For three zodiac signs, being told to wait or that we are not 'granted' access to something is unthinkable. The events of the day may have left us feeling very despondent.

While we are all aware that such days are inevitable, we are not always mentally prepared for rejection. Whether they are personal or professional, one thing is certain.

This day will lower our confidence levels. Nobody enjoys being cut down. Depending on who we are, we may not take these three zodiac signs too seriously.

Now that you feel like you have complete control over your emotions and that things are going well professionally, you may fall into the trap of believing that this is how things will always be.

1. Aries

You've got a lot on your plate because the Moon square Saturn sextile Mars makes it feel like everything you've worked so hard for is on the line.  

2. Leo

March 3 has a few pretty obvious lessons in store, but the big one is one you won't realize until the day is finished. You're looking at how the Moon square Saturn sextile Mars affects your sense of self

3. Aquarius

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