5 Luckiest Chinese Zodiac Signs in Love Starting March 4, 2024

Before you can find love, you must first discover yourself.

That is the message and energy of this week, March 4–10, 2024.

And, while the five Chinese zodiac signs — Dragon, Pig, Ox, Rooster, and Tiger — will profit the most from embracing this wisdom, the rest of the zodiac signs are encouraged to do the same.

Dragon, singles, be patient in love this week. Self-care and strength will determine your success in this arena.  


Pig, singles, your love luck this week is lovely and beautiful. Any date you arrange will go well and surprise you.


Ox, singles, don't be stingy this week in love. Your luck matters. If you ask someone out, make it memorable. Give a thoughtful gift or flowers. 


If you're single, Rooster, try being honest with yourself about whether you want love this week. Do not allow society dictate your life choices or make you feel guilty for watching movies or playing video games at home. 


Tiger, if single, remind yourself this week that you are powerful, brave, beautiful/handsome, and deserve the finest in love. 


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