Get an Expensive Look with the "Naked" French Manicure 

French Manicure Origins: In 1975, Jeff Pink, founder of Orly, created the French manicure while working on a movie set to provide a versatile nail look for actresses. 

Classic French vs. Naked French: The classic French manicure features a bare nail with a white tip, while the Naked French is a subtler version that blurs discoloration for a refined appearance. 

Trend Evolution: The Naked French manicure is a response to the current trend for simplicity and soft glam, offering a natural yet polished look. 

Celebrity Endorsements: Celebrities like Dakota Johnson have embraced the Naked French manicure, using it as a subtle backdrop for their overall look. 

Timeless Appeal: The manicure trend stands the test of time due to its ability to enhance natural beauty, regardless of other fashion trends. 

Nail Shape: Unlike the square shape often associated with Y2K French manicures, the Naked French can complement any nail shape, especially natural, round nails. 

Sheer Shades: Achieving the perfect Naked French look involves using sheer shades, such as a sheer pink for the base and a sheer milky white for the tips. 

DIY at Home: To recreate the Naked French manicure at home, start by neatening your cuticles, filing your nails into your preferred shape, applying a base coat, sheer natural shade, sheer white tip, and finishing with a glossy top coat. 

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