Girlfriend Ranked From Nastiest To Best According to Zodiac Sign

A Virgo lady is diligent, reliable, and realistic. She does not want too much attention. She is independent and prefers solitude. Virgo is an earth sign. Such women are generous but frugal.   

12- Virgo   

A Scorpion woman is generally despised due of her candid opinions. She guards her emotions and does not allow herself to experience many love sentiments.   

11- Scorpio  

When you look at an Aries, the best thing you can see is her passion. Nonetheless, too much intensity in a relationship depletes the positive vibe.  

10. Aries  

If you've ever been with a Taurus woman, you understand what it's like to sit next to a generous person. However, she understands what she deserves and will not comp  

9- Taurus  

Typically, most Cancerians are artists. You must date a Cancerian at least once; otherwise, you will become a poem, picture, song, or joke.  

8- Cancer   

Leo women have unusual expectations. Don't worry, although she is a little dominant.  

7 - Leo  

The main issue with Aquarius ladies is that you will need to put in consistent effort to keep your connection sparkling.   

6 - Aquarius  

She is the type of girlfriend that will take you on exotic adventures. A Sagittarius lady is the perfect girlfriend because she is giving and friendly, and she will always make an attempt to improve your life.  

5 - Sagittarius  

Air Sign Regardless of how much you try, you will be unable to avoid falling for a romantic and charismatic individual like Libra.  

4 - Libra  

Earth Sign Why wouldn't someone fall for those smart and bashful eyes? Capricorn, an Earth sign, has an incredibly down-to-earth disposition.  

3- Capricorn  

Water Sign First of all, she is really shy. She needs time to gain trust before opening up and discussing her true feelings. Also, do not expect her to make the first move.  

2. Pisces  

Gemini girlfriends are a combination of positive energy and free spirit. Gemini is an Air sign, so it's no surprise she has a freewheeling personality. She's outgoing and talkative.  

1 - Gemini  

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