Horoscope For March 3, 2024 — The Quarter Moon In Sagittarius

Aries, admit it: it's time for a vacation. You need a break from everything you do every day, and a short holiday would be ideal. Lucky for you, the Moon is on your side.   


But why are serious conversations so difficult for you to have, Taurus? Whether you like it or not, this is a coming to light moment, and you'll want to admit something you've been thinking about.   


A proposal? Maybe not, but you're starting to define what you're willing and unwilling to commit to. The Quarter Moon comes in Sagittarius, your sign of commitment and marriage.  


Make a commitment for yourself, Cancer. Becoming healthier is something you do for yourself. Your Big Why may incorporate the benefits of fitness for children or family, but it's ultimately about you.  


Put on some wonderful music and direct your thoughts toward the positive. The Quarter Moon enters the sign of Sagittarius, your fun zone. Dance in the living room.   


Get warm and cozy, Virgo. The Quarter Moon enters the Sagittarius zodiac sign, your home sector. This is the best opportunity to indulge your inner homebody.  


As a Libra, you are regarded as one of the best listeners in astrology, and today may be one of those days when you will be a shoulder to rest on for a friend or family member.   


Oh, well, today could be one of those days when retail therapy calls your name. The Quarter Moon enters the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, your money sector, and you may spend it without regard for what tomorrow holds.  


You are a wise and astute individual, Sag, so when the Quarter Moon enters your sign, you feel prepared to face the world. That's good because the Moon opens the door to your personal development sector.   


Snap, snip. Well, you're not that chilly, but the concept of avoiding items you believe are unhealthy may cross your mind today. The Quarter Moon in Sagittarius draws attention to your past and the things you desire to let go of.   


The more people you know, the happier you will feel. Today is the day to activate your social butterfly button. The Quarter Moon is in Sagittarius, your sign of friendship, and you're ready to interact and have fun.   


A peaceful Sunday is an excellent opportunity to refresh your cover letter and CV. If you are looking for a new job, now is the time to do it.   


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