Optical Illusion Test: Find the Hidden Fish in the Image in 10 Seconds

Optical illusions are visual phenomena that cause the human brain and eye to perceive something other than the true physical properties of the objects under inspection.  

These illusions usually involve distortions in size, form, color, motion, or the relative position of objects, causing viewers to see things that do not exist or misinterpret what they see. 

Optical illusions are intriguing because they demonstrate the complexities of human vision.  

They raise questions about how our brains absorb visual information, which is naturally fascinating to people.  

People enjoy looking at them, deciphering them, and discussing them with others, which makes them engaging and intriguing. 

Because of the rise of social media and the internet, optical illusions can now be shared with a global audience.  

People can readily publish and distribute these visual puzzles, expanding their global appeal. 

Returning to our optical illusion challenge for the day, here's an intriguing image of a tiger napping quietly on a tree in a forest.  

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