Spot the lumberjack in the forest in 6 seconds and you have Sherlock Holmes' IQ!

Optical Illusion to Test Your IQ: In this old optical illusion image, a lumberjack is concealed in the forest.  

If you can identify him in the forest in six seconds, you have the intelligence of a Sherlock Holmes.  

Visual representations designed to trick our minds are known as optical illusions.  

They are also known as visual illusions, and in popular culture, they are frequently employed as easy intelligence tests.  

Research indicates that visual illusions can assist adults avoid cognitive decline by enhancing focus and attention span.  

Are you curious about the IQ of your mind? Take on this thrilling challenge to find out right now! 

The readers are shown a scene in a woodland in this black and white picture.  

There are wood logs stored there, and an axe is visible. The individual who was felling the wood is the only one absent from the scene.  

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