The 9 Most Popular Nail Polish Colors for Winter 2024

When it comes to on-trend seasonal manicures, the crisp fall months are strongly associated with warm, cozy, and spiced nail polish colors.

The popular "black nail theory" is for independent females who want to project a sense of mystery and confidence.What about the winter months? According to Jin Soon Choi, manicurist and founder of JINsoon, it will continue to lead the trends:

Glossy Black

Classic Red

Red nail polish exudes enviable "quiet luxury" vibes no matter the season. However, the popular color is likely to get a little darker in the winter."The enduring allure of deep red nails remains popular because it exudes a sense of confidence, sophistication, and timelessness," Choi said.

Creamy Milk Chocolate

Autumn was filled with dark chocolate manicure moments. Lee believes that the shades of brown polish will become lighter in the winter. "I've been seeing a lot of lighter browns," she said. "I think these will definitely stick around for winter."

Juicy Berry Tones

Along with classic red nail polish colors, deep berry nail polish colors with a slightly pinkish undertone are always a wintertime favorite.Meesh, a celebrity nail artist, agrees that the color will be bold — but with a sheer, almost jelly-like finish that will leave your nails looking juicy and shiny.

Dark Academia Grey

Dark academia is a popular aesthetic in fashion, beauty, and even home decor, channeling the dark and moody vibes of ivy-covered, book-filled university campuses. When it comes to manicures, this often translates to muted grey colors that complement the same vibe.

“Milk Bath” Nail

Stark white nail polish is a summer staple, but the same white shades will be more sheer this winter."My go-to nail color is Chanel Le Vernis in White Silk," says Goldstein, a Chanel nail artist who counts Margot Robbie among her clients.

Y2K Silver Metallic

The early 2000s' influence is difficult to ignore — and Y2K-inspired silvers are still in when it comes to must-have manicures. "Silver metallic and chrome nails are on-trend due to their ability to add a contemporary and chic touch to one's style," says Choi.

While glossy black nails will always be a winter staple, Schuetz, a manicurist and ORLY Brand Educator, tells Bustle that a trendy matte finish can take the traditional look to new heights. "I'm starting to see a black leather trend [with a leather-like] matte finish."

Matte Black “Leather”

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