This incredible optical illusion determines if you're a "naturally intelligent" person or not.

Have you ever had the impression that your eyes or mind are deceiving you? It's possible that you were viewing an optical trick.  

Our eyes and brains collaborate to attempt to interpret what is in front of us, but even though they may try to communicate with one another in a straightforward language, the results can become jumbled and confused. 

The brain uses cues such as colours, shadows, and perspectives to make sense of what it is seeing and to begin forming opinions. 

However, if these cues are intentionally created in a particular way, our brains may become confused.  

The fact that two persons can perceive entirely different things from the same optical illusion adds to its perplexity. 

In this new optical trick, you have to identify the right fruit in the picture. Based on your response, you can determine whether or not you are more "naturally intelligent. 

Find the hidden fruit among the lines and colours in this design by UK-based online printing company instantprint. You'll need to focus. 

In addition to being immensely entertaining and fascinating, optical illusions reveal a great deal about how each of our individual brains functions. 

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